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About Dr. Ghazi Binzagr
The Hadhramaut origins of the trading House of Binzagr
Interest in human and community development
Educational background
03:17    |    
Saudi Arabia: mysterious and isolated?
Trading tribes
Religious pilgimage and cultural blending
04:25    |    
Cultural guidelines for visitors to Saudi Arabia
Unique historic conditions
Western view of development
Holistic view of trade transactions
Business meetings as full encounters
09:37    |    
Business ethics codes are not enough
Balance: the way of the wise
Alternative models of organizational development
Universal principles in Stephen R. Covey's work
Universal energy and its manifestations
Metaphor of the musical instruments
18:08    |    
Expressing trade "tunes" in words
21:09    |    
The tree as an ethical metaphor
Four root principles by way of Stephen R. Covey
Democracy vs. participation as universal principles
Dialogue: an example of processes as universal principles
28:47    |    
How are freedom and responsibility regarded by your society?
Creative civilizations balance freedom and responsibility well
The continuous struggle for balance enables communities of vitality
Freedom of the spirit: agency and destiny
36:40    |    
How do you see your role in the transformation of Saudi Arabia?
Effat University's work
Improving my work as a process enabler
Realizing my meaning and my calling
Enabling my spirit to coplay better with others




Transformation and Balance: A Conversation with Dr. Ghazi Binzagr

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Ghazi Binzagr is a fourth generation member of the Binzagr family business, which started as a trading company in the…


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