• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 01:41    |    
    Definition of economist
  • 02:04    |    
    History of equities
    • Quotes "The Death of Equities: How inflation is destroying the stock market,"
    • American capitalism
    • Annual returns on equities
    • Rates of return in equities
  • 07:54    |    
    Total returns protocol
  • 09:04    |    
    Average annual equity returns for the long run
  • Bonds and stocks
  • 12:18    |    
    Protocol for government bonds
  • 12:43    |    
    Starting point for the U.S.
  • 13:41    |    
    Five-year rolling periods
    • Recent five-year rolling periods
    • Five-year rubber band effect
  • 19:44    |    
    Ten-year rolling periods
    • Recent ten-year rolling periods
    • Ten-year rubber band effect
  • 21:58    |    
    Twenty-year rolling periods
  • Twenty-year rubber band effect
  • 24:17    |    
    Thirty-year rolling periods
  • Recent thirty-year rolling periods
  • 26:47    |    
    Government bonds: inflation-adjusted annual returns
  • Anomaly of recent government bond returns
  • 30:34    |    
    Inflation in the United States
  • 32:20    |    
    Long-run equity returns
  • 33:16    |    
    Economic situation of 1979
  • 35:45    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Do you think there is a contradiction in what Peter Schiff suggests regarding the equity market?
      • Austrian point of view
      • Long-run expectations
    • What's your forecast for American economy, considering the present governmental issues?
    • Future inflation rates
    • What is your opinion about the Wall Street protests? Do you think they will influence the stock market in any way?
      • Tea Party
      • Student debt bubble
      • Recession in 1981
    • Have you made any analysis using gold prices to see if they could be countercyclical?
      • Gold price
      • Gold price tracking issues
      • Great Moderation
      • Security in gold
    • Do you think there is any resemblance between what happened in the U.S. during the 1928-1948 era and our present situation?
    • Predictions of negative gains
  • 01:03:36    |    
    Final words
  • 01:03:46    |    
    Final credits

U.S. Equities: The 140-Year Record

New Media  | 18 de noviembre de 2011  | Vistas: 25

Gene Epstein speaks about stock markets in the United States and explains the condition of the economy, focusing on how it has affected equity gains. Through a historical record of different rolling periods, since the 20th century, he describes and scrutinizes the main tendencies that have prevailed in the exchange markets. Epstein talks about the role governments play in this subject, and inquires on the impact it has had on its natural development. He also makes an investment analysis using both, bonds and equities, and describes the future of these assets. To conclude, he makes a breakdown of the characteristics of the American economic situation of 1980, and explains the differences in today's recovery tendencies.


Gene Epstein is Barron's economics editor and author of the column…


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