• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:11    |    
    What does UnCollege mean?
  • 00:24    |    
    What does being creative means for UnCollege?
  • 00:46    |    
    Did your parents allow you not to go to school?
  • 01:08    |    
    What do you think about the traditional way of attending college in order to obtain a job?
  • 02:14    |    
    What are the skills that the market is currently demanding?
  • 02:47    |    
    Do you think that people who are about to start college know what they want in life?
  • 03:32    |    
    Is it wrong not to know what you want to be in life?
  • 03:58    |    
    In a person's career, is failure wrong?
  • 04:40    |    
    Tell us about the 20 Under 20 project?
  • 05:14    |    
    What do you expect from this experience?
  • 05:57    |    
    Do you think that UnCollege is an option for everybody?
  • 06:38    |    
    Are you against college?
  • 06:51    |    
    Which should be the role of college?
  • 07:31    |    
    What is an appropriate learning environment?
  • 07:53    |    
    Where can we find information about UnCollege?
  • 08:08    |    
    Final words
  • 08:15    |    
    Final credits

UnCollege: A Revolution on Education

New Media  | 07 de septiembre de 2012  | Vistas: 42

Dale J. Stephens, founder of UnCollege, talks about this social movement expressing that its main objective is to change the idea that going to college or having a higher education degree is the only path to success. He encourages students to be creative and to educate themselves out of the traditional way of school. Based on his experience, Stephens sets out other ways to learn such as traveling around the world, starting a business, and taking internships, among others. He establishes that he is against the fact that college is imposed on individuals instead of being an option for development.


Dale J. Stephens is the founder of UnCollege, the social movement…