Urbiphilia: Love of Cities

03 de noviembre de 2014   | Vistas: 5 |  

Susan C. Piedmont- Palladino introduces the word invented by herself "Urbiphilia" which she describes as the love for cities. She manifest her beliefs and her creed about cities and urban architecture. She emphasises the importance of making our cities worthy of being loved to obtain a more sustainable, equitable and beautiful world. The central thesis discussed in this lecture is that we will only care about the cities if we love them. She describes what urban design values and what she values in cities. With a metaphor of a vegetable soup, she describes the "Wicked problem" of city making and describes the ingredients that it contains. Also she discusses the correct usage of water in cities, the need for more mobility options and the key elements to accomplish better cities. Finally she provides some examples of cities that have applied the green urban designs principles that she described.


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Universidad Francisco Marroquín