• 00:01    |    
    Opening credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • 00:57    |    
    Audio on the web
    • OYEZ project
    • Supreme Court recordings
    • Technological problems
    • Campus network at the University of Texas
  • 04:17    |    
    Video on the web
    • First attempt
    • Changing passwords
    • Academic influences
    • Early projects
      • Video courses
      • Statistics tutorials
      • Reaching faculty members
    • Telecommunications network on campus
    • Cable television franchise
    • Local distance education
      • Undergraduate courses
      • Trying tutorials
      • Problems
  • 14:53    |    
    Glifos rich media
    • "Survey of Digitization" course
    • Creation of video module for the use of Glifos
    • Teaching Glifos to students
    • Mike Wallace project
      • Digitization process
      • UFM New Media assistance
      • Dr. Gary Giesler help
    • Other projects
      • American comedy collection
      • Environmental project
    • Difficulties with Mike Wallace
      • Non-compatibility between Macintosh and Glifos creator
      • Dual collections
    • Expanding the use of Glifos
      • Texas Legacy project
      • Google Earth and rich media
      • Results
      • Example video
    • Film approach
      • Rebeccaand Raging Bullmovie indexing
      • Use of tools
      • Video features and elements
      • Discovering important factors in movies
    • Future research
    • Future projects
      • Distinguished Alumni Awards
      • American Library Association
      • Crowdsourcing film and video
      • Interviews to Internet initiators in UT
  • 39:10.5    |    
    Video on the web in the future
    • Digitization and organization of materials
    • Voice recognition
    • Improved educational use
    • Using Glifos for language education
  • 41:24    |    
    Discussion period
    • Leticia Almengor
    • Importance of rich media in odontology education
    • Quinn Stewart
    • Students training and learning
    • Leticia Almengor
    • Memorization process in the study of nutrition
    • Quinn Stewart
    • Importance of tutorials
    • Rodrigo Arias
    • Different forms of application of Glifos media
    • Yetilú de Baessa
    • Using rich media in teaching students how to handle psychological therapies
    • Quinn Stewart
    • Importance of combining visual elements and content
    • Leticia Almengor
    • Importance of video in medicine
    • Quinn Stewart
    • Rich media as an organization tool
  • 54:13    |    
    Final credits

Video on the Web: 10 Years of Constant Change

New Media  | 19 de mayo de 2008  | Vistas: 1824

Quinn Stewart is manager of information technology and computer services at the School of Information of the University of Texas at Austin. He discusses his initiation in video on the Web and his success with rich media technology—a combination of content and video in a web-based platform.

This tool has helped the School of Information to develop various projects: The Mike Wallace Interview; Texas Legacy; and films, including Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca and Raging Bull with Robert De Niro. According to Stewart, "We are in a period where the digitization, organization, and search of non-textual cultural and commercial materials is going to be a large thing."


Quinn Stewart is Instructional Technology Specialist at the School of Information…