00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
00:52    |    
Criticize by creating
01:03    |    
Entrepreneurship and politics
02:55    |    
Unemployment and lack of good jobs
03:36    |    
Similarities between Senegal and Guatemala
War and peace
05:38    |    
Creation of jobs
06:23    |    
An entrepreneur's ecosystem
06:52    |    
Media impact on people's lives
08:36    |    
Opinions about capitalism
Negative connotations
Government organization
Living in abject poverty
Objective journalism
International affairs
21:38    |    
Source of income
23:58    |    
Perception of exploitation
Maslow's pyramid
African migration
28:30    |    
Importance of good jobs
30:21    |    
Personal success
Entrepreneurial branding
Adina World Beat Beverages
Hibiscus industry
Increasing work force
Power of branding
39:04    |    
Legendary beauty secrets
Aesthetic packaging
Authentic secret
How did you manage the company's investment and the government aspects?
Anecdote regarding electricity in Senegal
Proactive business strategy
Fulfilling basic needs
53:08    |    
Business plan
Conscious capitalism
Social impact of ventures
Sweat equity
Pro bono
01:03:31    |    
Final credits




We Have to Dream Bigger: Experiences of an Entrepreneur

01 de febrero de 2012   | Vistas: 19 |  

Magatte Wade talks about her thriving entrepreneurial vision and explains how determination led her to accomplish success. She tells about her incentives to establish both of her ventures, Adina and Tiossano, being the creation of job opportunities for the people in her nation, the motivation that influenced her in this crusade. Wade also stresses how the lack of good job opportunities has forced many African and citizens of the so-called third world countries to migrate in the search for a better future. She speaks about the role that politicians and journalists have in the lives of people. She concludes encouraging job creators to think outside the box and fight for their beliefs in the process of making the world a better place through conscious capitalism and the establishment of a dignified standard of living for human beings.

Magatte Wade is an entrepreneur, founder of Adina for Life, Inc. and Tiossano, Inc. She was born in Senegal and…


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