• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 02:04    |    
    Potencial roles of government
    • Anarcho-Capitalism
    • Protective state
    • Productive state
    • Redistributive state
    • Dictatorship
  • 04:43    |    
    Austrian and Public Choice problems
    • What does robust political economy ask?
    • Dismissing socialism
    • Market failure and externalities
    • Classic liberalism
    • Minarchists
    • Effective government institutions and knowledge problems
  • 11:10    |    
    Friedrich August von Hayek
    • Night-watchman state system
    • The mechanics of liberty
    • Non-minimal state
  • 15:45    |    
    Conditions for public goods
    • Government and the market
    • Instruments of redistribution
    • Wants of the community
  • 17:11    |    
    Hayekian inconsistencies
    • New methods in the competition
    • Progressive taxation is not uniform
    • What truly collective wants are?
    • Why would you not describe what they want as a collective want?
    • Generality principle
    • Summary of inconsistent theories
  • 30:22    |    
    Lingering problems
    • Achievable alternatives
    • Hayek as an anarchist
  • 36:06    |    
  • 39:12    |    
    Question and answer period
    • ¿El Estado es una institución evolutiva coordinadora o des coordinadora?
    • A complex order must be preserved
    • How would you make that institutions keep going?
    • What is you inner role in Anarcho-Capitalism?
    • How do you go from minimal state to an Anarcho-Capitalism state?
    • The minimal state protecting rights
    • Public health and prevention of epidemics
    • The internal combustion engine against public sources
    • How would you achieve vaccination under an Anarcho-Capitalism state?
    • Why are you looking for a philosophical justification?
    • ¿Qué es derecho a la salud?
    • ¿El Estado debería de difundir el marco jurídico básico? ¿Es eso educación?
    • A public choice argument
    • What if you have two tear system?
    • Should we have public schools or private?
    • Could you have a cosmos without taxes?
    • Is minarchy an institution by itself or you need informal institutions?
    • Why do you think Hayek is a constructionist?
  • 01:35:09    |    
    Final credits

What Is the Proper Role of Government? Questions from Hayek

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Nikolai G. Wenzel works as a professor at the Lutgert College of Business in the department of economics. He has a Ph. D. in economics and is the Wallace and Marion Reemelin Chair in Free-Market Economics from Hillsdale College. He worked at the US Embassy in Mexico and later at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. He focuses on political economic problems and tries to promote human liberty based on the ideas of the Austrian economist F.A. Hayek. During his conference, he points out the potential roles that government can have. He also discusses the conditions for public goods and some of the inconsistencies of Hayek's school of thought. At the end of the conference there is a section where Nikolai Wenzel and some of the people in his audience discussed about the different points of view that these theories can have.


Nikolai G. Wenzel es profesor visitante en Lutgert College of Business…