What Is the Proper Role of Government? Questions from Hayek

18 de febrero de 2015   | Vistas: 17 |  

Nikolai G. Wenzel works as a professor at the Lutgert College of Business in the department of economics. He has a Ph. D. in economics and is the Wallace and Marion Reemelin Chair in Free-Market Economics from Hillsdale College. He worked at the US Embassy in Mexico and later at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. He focuses on political economic problems and tries to promote human liberty based on the ideas of the Austrian economist F.A. Hayek. During his conference, he points out the potential roles that government can have. He also discusses the conditions for public goods and some of the inconsistencies of Hayek's school of thought. At the end of the conference there is a section where Nikolai Wenzel and some of the people in his audience discussed about the different points of view that these theories can have.


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