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Initial credits
00:20    |    
Introductory words by John Mackey
00:50    |    
A new business paradigm
Influence of corporations
Social perception of corporations
Anti-globalization movement
Branding problems
Limitations of current business models
Economic theories during the industrial revolution
Business mentality today
What is the purpose of a business?
Who defines the purpose of a business?
Entrepreneurs as creators of a business
Evolution of purposes
Participants in a business
Companies with great purposes
The paradox of profits
Achievement of happiness
Profits as a secondary goal
Long term profits
Role of leadership
Voluntary cooperation in business
Voluntary exchanges
Legal and fiduciary responsibilities of management
21:48    |    
Whole Foods
Core values
Selling the highest quality of natural and organic foods available
Satisfying and delighting our customers
Happy customers and excellence
Innovative employee practices
Comparison of Whole Foods against Fortune 500 Companies
Distribution of income
Distribution of stock options
Stock price growth
Whole Foods business results 
Economic value added: EVA
Supplier partnership
44:56    |    
Whole Foods social responsibility
Global citizenship
Costa Rica
Future plans
Environmental awareness
Treatment of livestock animals
51:46    |    
Limitations of current non-profit models
Traditional stereotypes of organizations
Holistic organizations
Non-profit organization model
56:16    |    
57:17    |    
Questions and answers
Why am I opposed to profit?
Does philanthropy equal social responsibility?
Is philanthropy "theft"?
Who should control corporations? stockholders or stateholders?
What about conflicts between various stakeholders? How do you create the right balance?
A revision of Adam Smith's  Wealth of Nations
01:04:43    |    
How do you create the right balance between profit maximization and consumer satisfaction?
What is the percentage of full time employees of Whole Foods? How does it compare with the food retailer industry?
When do you decide your company to become public?  Are team leaders also shareholders?
When did you decide to implement EVA?
What happened to Whole Foods' stock value last year?
How do you pick which communities you're going to invest?
How did your relationship with Grameen Bank start? Why did you select Guatemala?
Do you plan to open stores in developed countries?
What would be the greatest challenge of opening a store in Guatemala?
Did you have any previous entrepreneurship experiences?
As Whole Foods' expands, will you change the proportion of organic products and local goods?
01:33:21    |    
Final credits




Whole Foods Market: The Worldwide Supermarket Leader of Natural and Organic Food

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John Mackey is co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, a worldwide company that distributes and sells natural and organic…


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