• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
    Introductory words by John Mackey
  • 00:50    |    
    A new business paradigm
    • Influence of corporations
    • Social perception of corporations
    • Anti-globalization movement
    • Branding problems
    • Limitations of current business models
      • Economic theories during the industrial revolution
      • Business mentality today
    • What is the purpose of a business?
    • Who defines the purpose of a business?
      • Entrepreneurs as creators of a business
      • Evolution of purposes
      • Participants in a business
    • Companies with great purposes
    • The paradox of profits
      • Achievement of happiness
      • Profits as a secondary goal
      • Long term profits
      • Role of leadership
    • Voluntary cooperation in business
      • Voluntary exchanges
      • Legal and fiduciary responsibilities of management
  • 21:48    |    
    Whole Foods
    • Core values
      • Selling the highest quality of natural and organic foods available
      • Satisfying and delighting our customers
      • Happy customers and excellence
      • Innovative employee practices
    • Comparison of Whole Foods against Fortune 500 Companies
      • Distribution of income
      • Distribution of stock options
      • Stock price growth
      • Profits
    • Whole Foods business results
    • Economic value added: EVA
    • Supplier partnership
  • 44:56    |    
    Whole Foods social responsibility
    • Communities
    • Donations
    • Global citizenship
      • Partnerships
      • Guatemala
      • Costa Rica
      • Future plans
    • Environmental awareness
    • Treatment of livestock animals
  • 51:46    |    
    Limitations of current non-profit models
    • Traditional stereotypes of organizations
    • Holistic organizations
    • Non-profit organization model
  • 56:16    |    
  • 57:17    |    
    Questions and answers
    • Why am I opposed to profit?
    • Does philanthropy equal social responsibility?
    • Is philanthropy "theft"?
    • Who should control corporations? stockholders or stateholders?
    • What about conflicts between various stakeholders? How do you create the right balance?
    • A revision of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
  • 01:04:43    |    
    • How do you create the right balance between profit maximization and consumer satisfaction?
    • What is the percentage of full time employees of Whole Foods? How does it compare with the food retailer industry?
    • When do you decide your company to become public? Are team leaders also shareholders?
    • When did you decide to implement EVA?
    • What happened to Whole Foods' stock value last year?
    • How do you pick which communities you're going to invest?
    • How did your relationship with Grameen Bank start? Why did you select Guatemala?
    • Do you plan to open stores in developed countries?
    • What would be the greatest challenge of opening a store in Guatemala?
    • Did you have any previous entrepreneurship experiences?
    • As Whole Foods' expands, will you change the proportion of organic products and local goods?
  • 01:33:21    |    
    Final credits

Whole Foods Market: The Worldwide Supermarket Leader of Natural and Organic Food

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John Mackey is co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, a…


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