• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • 01:08    |    
    Acceptance of evolution
  • 01:49    |    
    Public acceptance of evolution by country
  • United States
  • 03:34    |    
  • 03:51    |    
    Scopes trial
  • 04:33    |    
    Why is evolution true?
  • Evidence
  • 06:22    |    
    Preliminary facts
    • Misunderstandings about theories
    • Quotes Ronald Reagan
    • Definition of a scientific theory
    • Scientific fact
    • Supporting evidence
  • 11:42    |    
    Theory of evolution
    • Evolution happens
    • Evolution is gradual
    • Speciation
    • Natural selection
    • Prediction, origins of life
    • Geological column
    • Prediction, lineages
      • Evolutionary change in a marine organism
      • Evolution of the horse
      • Human family tree
    • Prediction, common ancestry
      • Missing link
      • Feathered dinosaur
        • Fossil record
        • Reconstruction of the feathered dinosaur
      • Whales
      • Missing intermediates
      • Human evolution
    • Retrodictions
      • Dolphin embryos
        • Limb similarities
        • Rudimentary legs
      • Lanugo
      • Vestigial organs
      • Leg bones from a whale
      • Flightless kiwi
      • Vestigial genes
      • Prediction, vestigial genes
        • Human fetus
        • Yolk sac protein
        • Other dead genes
    • Biogeography
      • Oceanic islands
      • Continental islands
      • Missing plants and animals
      • Suitable habitats
      • Migration
      • Similar species
    • Prediction, bad design
      • Compromises on design
      • Prostate gland
      • Human design flaws
      • Flounders
    • Prediction, natural selection
      • Natural Selection in the Wild, John A. Endler
      • The Beak of the Finch, Jonathan Weiner
    • Evidence for evolution
  • 01:00:05    |    
    Evidence that would refute Darwinism
    • Religion
    • Faith
  • 01:07:12    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Is forced evolution contradictory to natural selection?
    • Can evolution be influenced by nonenviromental facts?
    • What was the ancestor of the first life form and how will evolution play out in the future?
    • In terms of bad design, would it be possible that a small part of the system is not good but the whole system is actually succesful and welln designed?
    • What would be the effect of total acceptance of evolutionary theory in social terms?
    • Are there religious scientists?
    • Do any studies indicate we can get back the organisms that used to exist?
    • What is the difference between science not knowing all the facts and religion that also cannot answer everything?
    • Human races
  • 01:24:24    |    
    Final words
  • 01:24:46    |    
    Final credits

Why Evolution is True

New Media  | 15 de octubre de 2009  | Vistas: 639

Creationism is the antagonist to the theory of evolution first presented by Charles Darwin a hundred and fifty years ago. Based on his book Why Evolution is True, Jerry Coyne discusses evolutionary theory in detail and presents the facts that support it. Coyne explains that according to the theory of evolution, one organism, a bacterium, gave rise to all the others and the vast numbers of complex organisms throughout the world today evolved over time into their present forms. This argument is supported by a variety of evidence from different areas, especially the fossil record, the presence of vestigial organs, embryology, bad design, biogeography, and natural selection. Finally, Coyne addresses the fact that evolutionary theory is rejected by large numbers of people because this idea is incompatible with their religious beliefs.


Jerry Coyne is professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution…