• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 20.5    |    
  • 01:20    |    
    World distribution of GDP per capita by country
    • Interpretation of data
      • High income countries and low income countries
      • Middle income countries
        • Special cases
        • Fewer rich countries in the future
    • Shape of the curve
    • Effect of globalization on economic growth
  • 08:54    |    
    How to improve GDP per capita
    • Successful development paths
      • High productivity development path
      • Japanese development path
    • Korea's low total factor productivity
    • Countries not yet on development path
  • 12:58.85000000000002    |    
    What is keeping countries from getting on a development path?
    • Employment per capita and labor productivity
    • Edward F. Denison's opinion on economic development
  • 16:00    |    
    Conclusions from n The Power of Productivity
    • Sector level analysis
      • Japanese dual economy
        • Highest productivity in manufacturing sector
        • GDP per capita gap between Japan and United States
      • Disrepute of the Washington consensus
      • Influence of microeconomic variables
    • Education
      • Effect of job training in productivity
      • Construction of apartment building in Sao Paulo and Houston
    • Distortions in competition in product markets
      • Labor productivity, output, and employment in United States commercial banks
        • Money market interest rate
        • Effect of IBM 360 mainframe
        • Effect of deregulation
      • Indian automobile industry
        • Joint venture between Suzuki and Indian government
        • Releasing product market constraints
    • Distorting markets to achieve social equity objectives
      • Importance of low skilled labor in the United States
      • Youth unemployment in France
    • Big governments in poor countries
      • Government spending and GDP per capita
        • Inefficient personal income tax (PIT) systems
        • Increase in informal markets
        • Economic development of Japan in 1950
        • Countries with reduced government size
        • Sophisticated government administrative structures
      • Overcoming difficulties to achieve economic development
      • Supermarkets and informal markets in Russia
      • Increase of informality in Brazil
    • Consumers
      • Importance of consumers in economic development
      • United States consumer advocacy in politics
  • 59:39    |    
  • 01:00:46    |    
    Questions and comments period
    • Could capital productivity be considered at the same time as labor productivity?
    • Has there been any significant change in the purchasing power parity (PPP) since 2002?
    • Did you consider savings and its effects on investment, capital and productivity in your economic analysis of development?
    • How can you accommodate a world where every country has a high GDP per capita?
  • 01:13:03    |    
    Words of acknowledgment by Giancarlo Ibárgüen
  • 01:13:43    |    
    Final credits

Why Productivity Varies Around the World

New Media  | 22 de octubre de 2008  | Vistas: 1571

Dr. William Lewis, founding director of McKinsey Global Institute and author of the book The Power of Productivity, discusses the issues involved in productivity and why it varies around the world.  He also remarks on the differences between high- and low-income countries, the effects of sector level analysis, education, and why consumers are a relevant political force able to challenge special interest groups.