00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
Design projects 
Confusion between industrial and product design
04:38    |    
Timeline of product design
Production line by Henry Ford
Pencil sharpener by Norman Bel-geddes
Electrical inventions
IDEO new product ideas
Shift from industrial design to product design
Adaptability to behaviors
First product made by man
Hability to make tools
Venus of Willendorf
Sides of use value
Cultural value
Product and object design in the pensum
22:02    |    
What is design?
Definition of design
Context of the word
Key ingredient of design
Problem solution with design
29:32    |    
Wicked problems
Global warming
Is design the answer?
34:06    |    
The future of design
Commercial design
Responsible design
Experimental design
Discursive design 
42:05    |    
Artisan design
Leon Battista Alberti's theory of design
Fictional work space of the designer
47:06    |    
Question and answer period 
Para el Product Design Program, ¿qué maquinas aparte de la laser y CMC van a usar?
Are you going to teach how can the product be ready for sale?
New workshop in construction
Shifts between industrial and graphic design
56:28    |    
Final credits




Why Stuff Matters: History and Future of Product Design

19 de febrero de 2015   | Vistas: 14 |  

What is product design? Karl Williamson describes through a product design timeline its history and the key differences with graphic design. He expounds the first product created by the humankind and the historical movements that came thereafter that have molded the workshop and the end product throughout time. He explains the definition of design and the context of the word as well as its key ingredient. Williamson points out that the main role of a designer is solving a problem, it's not about just looking attractive or functional. Finally, he describes the future of design and the different applications it has.

Karl Williamson is professor and coordinator of the Product Design Program at UFMdesign and adviser at Heurística Bootcamp, both at…


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