Will Trump’s Wall Make America a Better Neighbor?

Estefanía Campos  | 30 de marzo de 2017  | Vistas: 355

Christopher Manion largely explains North America’s cultural landscape to answer: Will Trump’s Wall Make America a Better Neighbor? He begins by describing previews administrations, such as Bush and Obama’s, in which they both refused to reinforce existing law (which included building the wall), but in the case of Trump, it was one of the key elements of his campaign.

The wall symbolized the broader cultural and legal breakdown that was everywhere. This symbol was very effective, because he didn’t go into detail, he left each person fill in the blanks, according to its own experience”

He discusses the cultural and moral foundations of a free market economy, among he mentions the virtues of tradition, religion and morality, and the vices or bad habits that society has which cause that the rule of law is not respected. Manion also shares his thoughts about Manuel Ayau and his father’s ideas about the importance of rule of law in a free society.

Later he talks about the role of education in the modern world which should have as a goal liberation and knowledge, such as in Universidad Francisco Marroquín, but in other places it has become a project where independent thinking is categorized as a crime. In his opinion, Donald Trump knows he can’t reform the public education system, but he can promote competition to give more power to families regarding the education of their children.

He touches another important problem that both the United States and Guatemala face: corruption. He describing the current scenario and how it should be working. He talks about “envy”, which he considers to be the worst vice nowadays, since it creates division and justifies breaking the law.

We need to renew the true priorities of America, and they are not harmonious with socialism, and our new immigrants need to be ready to embrace our values.”

Finally, Manion denies the lie that other Latin American countries’ poverty is the United States fault and talks about how the current immigration policy endangers free market and can be seen as a “new form of colonialism” that Trump ran against. Listen to his conclusions on why countries should demand better legislation to their mandataries.


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