Honorary Doctoral Degree to Deirdre McCloskey

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Deirdre N. McCloskey
August 16, 2012 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín | Duración:..
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  • Initial credits
  • Presentation of Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences to Deirdre N. McCloskey
  • Introduction
  • Traditional constraints holding progress 
  • Humanomics 
  • Final words
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About this video
About the author

Universidad Francisco Marroquín awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences to Deirdre N. McCloskey as an acknowledgement for her efforts on conveying and disseminating the message on free markets. She first shares how, in her early years, she was a Marxist, and as her knowledge on economics furthered on, she understood that the rich modern world did not become wealthy trough protectionism, regulation, central planning or socialism. The wealth of societies relies on the strength of free people to innovate. McCloskey states that the most important element to achieve progress lies in a change in ethics, ideologies, and attitudes toward markets and innovation. She also introduces the word "humanomics" which, as she explains, is the combination of science and humanities in full view of economics. Deirdre N. McCloskey was also awarded a diploma that accredits her as an honorary professor at UFM for her work on the research of economic theory, philosophy and social history of economics.



Honorary Doctoral Degree to Deirdre McCloskey
Deirdre N. McCloskey

Milton Friedman Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, August 16, 2012

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, October 2012
Camera: Diego Chajón, Claudia de Obregón; digital editing: Mynor de León; index and synopsis: Gabriela Valverde; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Mynor de León

Imagen: cc.jpgThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License
Este trabajo ha sido registrado con una licencia Creative Commons 3.0

Deirdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey
Deirdre McCloskey teaches economics, history, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is author of the book Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can't Explain the Modern World. Trained at Harvard as an economist, McCloskey has written fourteen books and edited seven more, and has published some three hundred and sixty articles on economic theory, economic history, philosophy, rhetoric, feminism, ethics, and law. McCloskey holds a BA in Economics from Harvard College and a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, and several honorary doctoral degrees, including the awarded by Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

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