Lección Inaugural 2017: Attacks on Freedom of Speech in Today’s World

New Media  | 19 de enero de 2017  | Vistas: 3485

This year’s Inaugural Lesson is dedicated to freedom of expression; one of the most threatened freedoms these days.  Flemming Rose was culture editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and an advocate of freedom of speech since he was held responsible for the 2005 publication of the Muhammad cartoons with the premise of artists’ autosensing their art because of fear of the Islamist violence.

Rose briefly shares his story and some of his future plans and goals; he talks about the state of freedom of speech in the world and the role the Internet fulfilled.

We are still living in good times when it comes to freedom of expression if we look at it in the broader historical perspective, but I think we will have to ask ourselves: Will this continue to stay that way?”

He addresses his personal perspective on this topic and says the approach to free speech can be divided into two fundamental ways of understanding it. The first way implies it is an instrument to achieve some higher purpose. The other, that it is an individual right that has not been given to us by the state and therefore it cannot be taken away by it.

 I think free speech is a value in and by itself.”

Rose believes that there will always be things that some people will find offensive at some point and ask you to shut up. He approached several topics such as the concept of tolerance, the existential dimension of freedom of expression and its relation with human dignity. Do not miss his powerful message in 2017’s Inaugural Lesson.

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Foreign affairs editor at Jyllands-Posten and senior fellow at Cato Institute


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