Barbara Oakley

Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at Oakland University, co creator of Learning How to Learn, one of the most popular online courses in the world with more than half a million students; New York Times bestselling author of A Mind for Numbers, professor of engineering at Oakland University and visiting scholar at University of California, San Diego.

She has written books on multiple different topics, such as Practicing Sustainability, Pathological Altruism, Cold-Blooded Kindness, Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Evil Genes and Hair of the Dog. She was awarded Inaugural “Innovation Instructor,” by Coursera (2015) and the Oakland University Teaching Excellence Award (2013).

Course: Learning How to Learn




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Barbara Oakley, Carmen Rodríguez

05 de noviembre de 2021

Honorary Doctoral Degree Awarded at November 2021 Commencement to Barbara Oakley
Barbara Oakley

10 de noviembre de 2021

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23 de octubre de 2020

Learning How to Learn
Barbara Oakley

25 de noviembre de 2016

How to Teach Freedom – and Anything Else
Barbara Oakley

14 de enero de 2016