Reason in Guatemala 2020 | Recap Video

Sophy Ramírez  | 30 de abril de 2020  | Vistas: 211

Freedom, free market, and the rule of law are principles that face other issues such as socialism, government intervention, corruption, among others. Reason in Guatemala is an event hosted by the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in collaboration with Reason Foundation and LGBTQ for Liberty, which focuses on explaining the challenges of freedom.

Reason Foundation is an organization that promotes libertarian principles through journalism, they seek to influence the frameworks and actions of policymakers, journalists, and position leaders. The initiative also publishes its research and articles through their channels Reason magazine and ReasonTV.

Each talk was focusing on different aspects of the freedom movement, free trade, or a political situation in Latin America, and where things are going has been incredibly informative.” - Linda Edwards

The main subjects that were presented through the three days of the event are:

  • Economics in Latin America
  • Drug War
  • Media and Libertarianism in Guatemala
  • Rule of Law
  • Trade and Economic Development

Come here and see a community of people who are advancing these incredible values. We’re talking about changing the way we teach, the way we learn, and making it less quantified, less rigid, less structured, and focusing more on people being able to teach themselves.” - Robert Mattingly

Reason in Guatemala invites people to join a voice for freedom and creates a space where you can learn about how libertarian topics are being developed in Latin America. You can also watch some of the speakers of the event in Why South America isn’t like North America with Daniel Hannan, and Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration with Bryan Caplan.


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