Entrepreneurship and Ethics

06 de abril de 2011   | Vistas: 10 |   Capitalism Challenge Classical Liberalism Creativity

John Chisholm, based on his personal experience, lectures on entrepreneurship and explains the benefits this practice brings to individuals and to society. Chisholm discusses the process of creating a new venture viewed from a free market perspective and set out in real life. He details basic principles by which people must guide themselves in this important enterprise, and describes useful ways of creating ideas and projects, based on each person's capabilities, getting a hold of the opportunities technology provides nowadays. He focuses on the importance of creating a company which distinguishes for being different from others, in order to standout among the markets. Finally, he approaches the ethical and moral aspects of entrepreneurship and explains how business and economics paradigms have changed over time, transforming the way people interact and exchange, in comparison to models in the past.


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