• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 00:58    |    
    Importance of sacred places
  • 01:33    |    
    John Chisholm's professional and personal background
  • 03:08    |    
    Conference outline
  • 03:27    |    
    Practical tips for creating a company
  • 04:23    |    
    Market demand approach for the creation of a new company
  • Finding of one's real passion in life
  • 06:29    |    
    Technological approach
    • Finding of a new rapidly growing technology
    • Finding of other rapidly growing technology and posterior integration
    • John Chisholm's combined style companies
    • Fine-tune market process
  • 10:14    |    
    Literature regarding company creation ideas
    • Quotes n , W. Brian Arthur
    • Similarities in technologies according to W. Brian Arthur
    • Quotes n Matt Ridley
  • 12:48    |    
    Different is better than better
    • Reasons to be different
    • The Apple Company differentiation example
  • 15:47    |    
    Importance of a compatible team for the creation of a company
  • Learning process of managing and working with other people
  • 18:27    |    
    Venture funding process
  • Investor's assumption of already succeeding companies
  • 22:15    |    
    Scalability viewed through a business focus
    • Scalability example
    • Ideas on creating a highly scalable company
  • 26:10    |    
    Psychological aspects of entrepreneurship
    • The iceberg metaphor
    • Role of the subconscious mind in the actions of the individual
    • Transforming weaknesses into strenghts
  • 30:36    |    
    Becoming deserving of success
    • Process of criticizing
    • Process of complaining
    • Dale Carnegie's life principles
    • Repercussions of our self-perspective related to how we act
    • Qualities of a successful working team
    • Carpet lifting metaphor
  • 36:15    |    
    Business ethics
  • 37:28    |    
    Were Internet surveys common when your company started performing them?
  • 39:50    |    
    Technological and trust barriers in Guatemala
  • 42:27    |    
    Stages of the entrepreneurial process
  • 42:58    |    
    Individual virtues and benefits of the entrepreneur
    • Finding an idea for a new venture
    • Striking out on your own
    • Testing ideas and prototypes
    • Assembling a fair team
    • Social benefits of the values and virtues
      • Making other people's lives better
      • Create a win-win relationship
  • 45:54    |    
    Relationship between entrepreneurship and philantropy
  • 46:31    |    
    Ethical view of entrepreneurship
  • 46:54    |    
    Anthropological view of entrepreneurship and innovation through time
  • 49:31    |    
    The world as a zero-sum game in the past
  • 50:52    |    
    Complexity science and chaos theory viewed through Austrian Economics
    • Old view of economics
    • New view of economics: Austrian view
    • Differences between chaos and complexity
    • Example of a chaos scenario
    • Example of a complexity scenario
    • Examples of both, a chaos and a complexity scenario
  • 56:13    |    
    Old neoclassical economics against new complexity science/Austrian economics
    • Macro and micro economic views
    • Equilibrium paradox
      • Attractor forces in supply and demand
      • Technological economy
  • 58:10    |    
    Role of modeling in the new economic school
  • 59:10    |    
    Agent-based model (ABM)
    • Mortgage crisis application
    • ABM in animated films
  • 01:04:15    |    
    Center for Market Dynamics Innovation Project in Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Research questions in the project
  • 01:06:07    |    
    Overview of lecture
  • 01:06:19    |    
    Question and answer period
    • What advice would you give to fight the anticapitalist thought in the present?
    • Why do people fail to see the altruist part of entrepreneurship?
    • Is being successful a result of personal effort amongst other virtues or is it a mere case of luck?
    • When is the best time to start a new venture?
    • How do you manage supplier issues in the venture-creating process?
    • Would you recommend to gain experience in the field you plan to create your venture before you do so?
    • How does morality refer to the way businessmaking has changed over time?
  • 01:19:23    |    
    Final credits

Entrepreneurship and Ethics

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John Chisholm, based on his personal experience, lectures on entrepreneurship and explains the benefits this practice brings to individuals and to society. Chisholm discusses the process of creating a new venture viewed from a free market perspective and set out in real life. He details basic principles by which people must guide themselves in this important enterprise, and describes useful ways of creating ideas and projects, based on each person's capabilities, getting a hold of the opportunities technology provides nowadays. He focuses on the importance of creating a company which distinguishes for being different from others, in order to standout among the markets. Finally, he approaches the ethical and moral aspects of entrepreneurship and explains how business and economics paradigms have changed over time, transforming the way people interact and exchange, in comparison to models in the past.


John Chisholm has three decades of experience as general manager and…