Ghazi Binzagr

Ghazi Binzagr is a fourth generation member of the Binzagr family business, which started as a trading company in the Arabian Peninsula more than one hundred years ago. He serves his family business in various capacities, and has been the President of Arabian Stores Company for seven years. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of this company and is also a board member of Binzagr-CoRo.

He is a former member of HRH Prince Migrin Bin Abdel Aziz Think Tank Group set up specifically to advise on regional development in the Madinah Region, and he is an active volunteer in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) where he served in committees for the development of training and retail. At JCCI he is currently the Chair of the International Relations Committee (IRC), a board member of Jeddah Marketing Board (JMB) and a board member of Khadijah Bint Khwailid.

Binzagr holds a BS in Physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara; a Masters degree in International Management from Thunderbird; and a PhD in Management with a minor in Organizational Development from New Mexico State University. His PhD thesis focused on transformation and pro-active change.

Last update: 04/01/2012

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Ghazi Binzagr

26 de diciembre de 2011


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