Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons is cofounder of Consent Unlimited, a new nonprofit project to expand the sphere of human consent at the expense of politics. He holds a MSBA with a Concentration in Law from the University of California, Berkeley. There, he was awarded an Olin Law and Economics Fellowship to research the efficiency of legal rules. He subsequently sought and accumulated fourteen years of broad first-hand business and legal experience that informed his more recent research that led to the ideas for Consent Unlimited.


Last update: 07/04/2011

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The Future of Free Cities
Michael Strong, Kevin Lyons, Ricardo Valenzuela, Jason Sorens, Gonzalo Melián, Roberto Blum, Fred Kofman, Patri Friedman

03 de abril de 2011

A Legal Strategy for Immediately Creating Private Free Cities
Kevin Lyons

04 de abril de 2011


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