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Initial credits
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Governments in the law
Good governmental characteristics
Bad governmental characteristics
02:19    |    
Dictatorship characteristics
Law instability
Lack of public interest
Dictators of the world
04:38    |    
Private governments
Efficient laws and price structures
07:06    |    
Consent legal system
09:21    |    
Easy opt-out system
10:04    |    
Legal strategy for entrepreneurial free cities
Uses of the entrepreneurial sector
Written contracts
Private dispute arbitration agencies
14:15    |    
System affordability 
Sweatshop erradication
16:00    |    
Waive of legal rights
16:31    |    
Free city property
16:52    |    
Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
Non-interference doctrine
18:03    |    
Governmental hostage retention
18:57    |    
Expropiation insurance
19:20    |    
Possible locations for free cities
Local language in free cities
Non-geographical options
21:34    |    
Freedom of choice
22:19    |    
Free cities in Medieval Europe
22:44    |    
Final words
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Final credits




A Legal Strategy for Immediately Creating Private Free Cities

04 de abril de 2011   | Vistas: 25 |  

Freedom is a key element by which people succeed and specialize in what they do best. A violation of this essential value can create serious problems within a society, especially when the government is the principal transgressor. Kevin Lyons develops a legal strategy for the establishment of free cities, using international law and arbitration techniques as resources, in order to expand options for this social experiment. He also speaks about the possible locations for these cities and explains their internal logic, which focuses on allowing freedom of choice and the free development of individuals. 




Kevin Lyons is cofounder of Consent Unlimited, a new nonprofit project to expand the sphere of human consent at the…


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