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Initial credits
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Quotes José Mujica
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Quotes Franz Oppenheimer
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Head-to-head company competition
Red ocean market situation
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Quotes Max Webber
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Blue Ocean Strategy
State compulsory use of force
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Quotes Thomas Samuel Kuhn on paradigm shifts
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Bad electoral systems
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Tyrannic political systems
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Metaphor of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. Tolken
Lord Acton on the idea of power
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Quotes Claude Frédéric Bastiat on the economic system
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Jean Piaget's evolutionary psychology experiments
Spiral dynamics system
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Self-organization systems
Charles Darwin's self-organizing system
Quotes Adam Smith
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Utility of self-interest in society
Quotes Thomas Hobbes
Self-interest and goverment
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Perspectives on capitalism
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Quotes Thomas Friedman on the hidden hand of the market
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Importance of property rights
First appropriation
Voluntary exchange
Principle of non-aggression
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Transformation of self-interest into service
Quotes Ludwig von Mises
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Atlas Shrugged and goals in free cities
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Final words
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Blue Ocean Liberty: A Free Market Strategy for a Free Society

04 de abril de 2011   | Vistas: 34 |   Liberalism Property Rights Self-interest

Fredy Kofman speaks about a strategy through free market economic ideas for the creation of free cities around the world. He explains this approach focusing on the limitation of governments, not by the person that is currently empowered, but in the system that empowers him. He illustrates how these institutions have manipulated and used power for their own benefit, regardless of their initial intentions. He describes the importance of self-interest and property rights in his proposal and depicts how this new system, free of coercion, could transform greed into service in a society.




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