My Experience with Milton Friedman in Free to Choose Network

New Media  | 15 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 412

Robert (Bob) Chitester shares some personal stories on how he met Milton Friedman and what it was like to work with him in the T.V series Free To Choose and eventually other projects with the purpose of “using accessible and entertaining media to build popular support for personal, economic and political freedom thus advancing human well-being.” in the Free To Choose Network.

Our goal, was obviously to change the world.”

He describes how he got his first opportunity to work with Milton Friedman, and even though people doubted a lot and they faced several challenges, they both created a very successful program. Chitester describes Rose and Milton’s relationship, and says she was “his second thought” in decision making. He was by Rose’s side when Milton passed away and persuaded her to record different products to continue with her husband’s labor. His friendship with the Friedman’s lasted nearly thirty years where they undertake exciting projects, ideas and discussions.

My experience with Milton Friedman change my life in the sense that it wasn’t specific information he gave me, it was getting me to start acting as if I were an economic thinker.”

Later Bob talks about the constant debate he used to have with the Friedman’s about the power of television to change people’s mentality or influencing them and the way the Free To Choose Series succeeded to the point the book, based on the show, was largely sold.

Learn about Milton Friedman in a totally different way; his thoughts, relationship with Rose, personality, character, projects and more. And later, perhaps you want to learn about Milton Friedman’s legacy or his influence in economics and politics


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