Milton Friedman’s Legacy

31 de julio de 2012   | Vistas: 31 |  

Robert Leeson talks about the legacy of Milton Friedman to the field of economics, and by sharing several different anecdotes, he tells Friedman's personal background and comments on the impact that the crosscurrents of the twenty and twenty-first century had in his life. Leeson makes reference to biographical events such as Friedman's family life in Europe, his wife's family experiences during the Holocaust, his arrival to New York, the impact of his mother's job and the early demise of his father, which somehow, led him to economics.

Through a quick view of American history, Leeson talks about Friedman's major contribution to macroeconomics, the creation of a monetary system, the macroeconomic model, and banking, among others.

Leeson concludes this interview by talking about Milton Friedman’s engagement with the Keynesians and comments on subjects like Keynesians stimulus package, problems of capitalism, and possible banking solutions for better macroeconomics.


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