• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:08    |    
    Introduction by Olav Dirkmaat
  • 01:05    |    
    Can you talk about your first period in investments?
  • 02:26    |    
    What investments turn to be really good?
  • 02:47    |    
    What is your style in investments?
  • 03:27    |    
    Can you describe your investment philosophy?
  • 03:43    |    
    Have you ever been as pessimistic as today?
  • 04:48    |    
    Can you talk about your book Hot commodities: how anyone can invest profitably in the world´s bet market
  • 06:05    |    
    Where are we today with the commodities?
  • 06:34    |    
    Would gold go down again?
  • 06:56    |    
    How do you stay alive while the market gets there?
  • 07:36    |    
    Would there be another recession?
  • 08:20    |    
    Did you see the negative rates coming?
  • 09:27    |    
    Can you talk about the bonds with Japan?
  • 09:49    |    
    What clues or signs are you looking for?
  • 10:00    |    
    Who is the world´s worst central banker?
  • 10:19    |    
    Is there a way out?
  • 10:42    |    
    What would happen if you where the president of Japan?
  • 11:03    |    
    How much money do you hold?
  • 11:40    |    
    What is you secret to know what is going to happen in the market?
  • 12:26    |    
    How much do you like Guatemala?
  • 13:09    |    
    What are the first things you look as an investor?
  • 13:36    |    
    Which countries do you like the most?
  • 14:12    |    
    What made you change your mind about Russia?
  • 14:53    |    
    What specific change you saw in Russia?
  • 15:33    |    
    Can you talk about the situation in Ukraine?
  • 16:11    |    
    What was the bet moment for you in investment?
  • 17:28    |    
    What are you doing today?
  • 17:51    |    
    Final credits

Recessions and Commodities

New Media  | 06 de mayo de 2016  | Vistas: 41

Jim Rogers is a famed investor and best selling author of various financial books. In this interview Jim points out his rich experiences in investing in different countries. He explains the downfalls of the economic cycle and their connection with various financial authorities and central banks around the world. He explains how he invests his money on commodities and bonds, and what are the first things that he analyses as an investor. Rogers is one of the few that predicted the recession in 2008, and he clears out that he doesn't know the future with a certainty but has a knack of finding out the best way to invest his money and to look for profitable interests in the ever-changing market.



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