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    Initial credits
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    What is the job of FreedomWorks when translating a grassroot movement into action?
  • 01:18    |    
    What does government accountability mean?
  • 02:08    |    
    What are the intellectual origins of FreedomWorks?
  • 04:04    |    
    How does the Tea Party movement work?
  • 05:05    |    
    How can people move government focus towards topics of public interest?
  • Concentrated benefits and disperse costs
  • 06:39    |    
    Does the Internet empower citizens?
  • 07:26    |    
    Can you comment on the role of social networks?
  • 08:14    |    
    Is this whole movement a worldwide impulse?
  • 09:54    |    
    Does this new empowerment of people have a negative side?
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    If a student approaches you and asks how he can learn more about this topic, what would you recommend?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

FreedomWorks: The Role of Citizens in Grassroots Movements

New Media  | 25 de marzo de 2011  | Vistas: 35

Social networks and the constant evolution of technology, that allows a greater ability to share and communicate, have had an enormous impact in the way that governments have become accountable to their citizens. Luis Figueroa has a conversation with Matt Kibbe regarding this global phenomenon and the way it has developed through time, in different parts of the world, changing the dynamics of politics in many different senses. They speak, as well, about the projects that FreedomWork pursues and how this grassroots movement came to be.


Matt Kibbe is president and CEO of FreedomWorks, previously known as…