How to build a country from scratch in the twenty-first century? | UFM Talks

Sophia Rossell  | 16 de abril de 2021  | Vistas: 1300

In this UFM Talk, Luis Figueroa and Vít Jedlička talk about how to build a country from scratch in the 21st Century. They use Liberland as an example of this, a free republic located between Croatia and Serbia whose president is Vít Jedlička.

Vít Jedlička explains that the Free Republic of Liberland started forming in 2013 when he and a friend realized that it wouldn't make a difference how much support they could gain in the Czech politics because it wouldn’t be enough to fight the system from within. They wanted to create a country from scratch where the values of Liberty would lead its people. After proclaiming the territory there was a lot of interest in Liberland. After meeting the criteria to create the new country they received about half a million applications for citizenship which led to creating a process that led them to receive 250,000 applications for citizenship.

Vít mentions that building a community from scratch is not easy but that is why he looked for a strong group of people to build the nation. He explains that in order to build the country you need a group of people that believes in the nation. Vit says that the steps to create the country are:

  • Territory
  • Government
  • Population

The biggest challenge at the moment is the access to the country, that causes inconveniences in the development of the country. Their goal is to find out how much freedom a human can have.

The more freedom people have and the less power the government has, the more prosperous the society it creates”. — Vít Jedlička

Liberland is building blockchain governance based on the latest blockchain technology in order to have all their services in a transparent and efficient governance system. Vít explains that all companies and all the people will have to belong in this system in order to engage in the economy of the country.

We are combining this world of crypto currency with the world of building a very free society”. — Vít Jedlička

Liberland wants to inspire Europe to turn into a freer direction, with lower taxes and regulation. Vít believes that Liberland has a lot of potential and one of the places that is starting to believe in them is Serbia, where they are building a Liberland Village. Vít concludes hoping that Liberland inspires people to build their countries to become independent and free from regulation and taxation.


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