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    Initial credits
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    What are the most important things one should know when looking for information on the Internet?
  • 00:56    |    
    The four R's of information methodology
    • Reliability
    • Recent
    • Relevance
    • Readable
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    Can you share your experience in the Medical Sciences Library where this type of information has proven to be useful?
  • 04:33    |    
    What techniques do you apply when teaching about information literacy?
  • 05:53    |    
    Is it possible for those who are not in contact with an information literacy specialist to learn about these techniques?
  • 07:12    |    
    What is the role of librarians when information is no longer in books?
  • 08:28    |    
    Do you think that you can learn and get used to new digital devices for reading? Do you think it's viable to achieve and improven searching skills?
  • 08:54    |    
    Do you think it's viable for new users to develop searching skills?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

The Power of Information Literacy

New Media  | 30 de marzo de 2012  | Vistas: 30

Suzanne Shurtz shares her experience as a librarian at the Medical Sciences Library at Texas A&M University. She explains useful techniques for finding relevant information on the Internet, based on the four Rs methodology, advising that all data should be reliable, recent, relevant, and readable. Shurtz speaks about the task of teaching these research mechanisms to students; nonetheless, she mentions that everyone can be able to find trustworthy material without the direct help of a specialist. As the trends in finding information change, she also explains what the role of the librarian is nowadays. Finally, Shurtz expresses her opinion regarding the use of new electronic devices for reading and the way that librarians can aid in this learning process, as well.


Suzanne Shurtz is instructional services librarian at the Medical Sciences Library…