Nona Martin

Nona Martin is an affiliated scholar with the Mercatus Center, George Mason University. She holds a MLIS from the University of South Florida, a MA in Public History from Loyola University and she is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Art History, George Mason University. She is coauthor, with Virgil Storr, of the articles “Demystifying Bay Street: Black Tuesday and the Radicalization of Bahamian Politics in the 1960s”, The Journal of Caribbean History; “Whose Bay Street? Competing narratives of Nassau’s city center in the 20th century”, Island Studies Journal; “On perverse emergent orders”, Studies in Emergent Order; and “I’se a Man: Political Awakening and the 1942 Riot in the Bahamas” (with Virgil Henry Storr), The Journal of Caribbean History.

Last update: 19/03/2012

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