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    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Presentation by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:27    |    
    Who will provide education for the poor if the government does not?
  • 02:08    |    
    Example of private schools in India
  • 03:15    |    
    What are the philosophical reasons behind explaining why government schools are not appropriate for educating children?
  • 06:03    |    
    Do government school politics contribute to the melting pot?
  • 07:44    |    
    What about the role of government schools in spreading the prevailing ideas in a society?
  • 10:02    |    
    What can be told about the reality of government education?
  • 12:56    |    
    Final credits

Capitalism, freedom and education

New Media  | 18 de junio de 2015  | Vistas: 22

Luis Figueroa speaks with Andrew Bernstein in regards of the educational system from the viewpoint of freedom and capitalism. Based on his writings, Bernstein shares why private schools work better than government schools in educating our children and propagating the ideals of liberty of thought in a free society.


Andrew Bernstein is author of The Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic,…


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