00:00    |    
Initial credits 
00:06    |    
Computer science and architecture
03:34    |    
The digital model´s legacy 
From analog to digital design
Quote, The alphabet and the algorithm, Mario Carpo (2011)
Communication with images and physical interpretations
The classical orders as the first parametric of algorithmic models
Quote from Antoine-Chrysostome Quatremére de Quincy  
Model working as a diagram 
Morphological process
Natural computation 
Link between type and instance 
Scientific models to simulate form 
Differences on digital models 
15:25    |    
Value propsitions
Mathematical theory of communication and feedback loops
Images as diagrams 
Automation and numerical feedback 
Digital model as an evolving dialogue
Digital seduction and undesirable results
Nature of design problems 
24:54    |    
Projects from Switzerland 
City Core Grammar 
Rhizome Vernacular 
Contaminated mastery 
32:53    |    
Question and answer period         
How do you see curriculum changes to be aware of design problems? 
How could we do the shift to make students understand technology in another way? 
Can you talk about your design process? 
45:01    |    
Final credits 




Designing Feedback: Data-driven Form & Performance

25 de agosto de 2014   | Vistas: 16 |  

Nathaniel Zuelzke exposes the emerging transition of traditional models to digital form. He also remarks how this the way images and diagrams can create communication during the models' performance. Zuelzke describes the mathematical theory of communication in which he clarifies the way feedback works on digital performances. He recognises how digital seduction can lead to some problems where the objectivity of the project gets lost in the way. To conclude, Nathaniel presents some of the most outstanding projects from his studio in Switzerland and then shares his preoccupation for the contamination that the misused of new technology is causing in the world.

Nathaniel Zuelzke is a designer interested in the innovation of architectural practice and the rigorous exploration of built form. As…


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