00:00    |    
Initial credits 
00:08    |    
01:57    |    
What is an additive manufacturing? 
How does it work? 
Process using powder 
Process using resin 
Some of the applications
Limitations for 3D printing 
The hype of 3D printing 
3D printing video 
The big market 
12:58    |    
EoPlex: Pixel or Voxel 
Advantage of printing sheets  
How EoPlex solves the problem?
A platform that represents many advantages 
19:29    |    
A killer application
Personal computer 
Looking for killer apps 
27:50    |    
What would you do to find the killer app? 
Make a lot stuff 
Prototype everything 
Companies with high manufacturing cost
Define limits 
Things you can do 
31:45    |    
Demonstrating possibilities  
CAT scan
Venture Capitalists on potential markets
Looking for credibility 
From pitches to Venture Capitalist firms 
Now we have money 
40:00    |    
What would you do now?
Go on the road
Ask your investors 
Show your products 
Getting contracts 
Generate interest with aggressive PR campaign 
45:50    |    
Examples of prototypes 
Micro reactors for portable fuel cells
Energy harvesters 
Micro pump 
CAT scan video 
Safety fuse for artillery shells 
Cell phones antennas 
01:04:09    |    
Semiconductor chip packages 
What is packaging 
What is it use for? 
The lead frame
 Biggest limitations 
Ideal design 
How it works?
Killer app found
01:18:06    |    
What the process was 
Solution looking for a problem 
Getting contracts and exposure 
Green awards 
01:27:30    |    
Question and answer period 
What was the process to select your team? 
How do you keep investors subsided? 
Are you working on something new? 
How do yo manage your personal life? 
How many founding rounds you did? 
How did your early education impact in who you are today?
How do you prove you can do better?
EoPlex is focus on new technology? 
Do you like where electric cars are going? 
What are some of the essential tools to be successful?
If you were to start a new enterprise would you look for a technology first or a need?
02:03:57    |    
Final credits 




Eoplex: A New Type of 3D Printing

04 de junio de 2015   | Vistas: 5 |  

Arthur L. Chait is known as the founder and Chairman of the Board at EoPlex Technologies Inc. He is the president of The Antigua Forum in Guatemala and works as a professor in the Notre Dame de Namur University, teaching MBA classes in entrepreneurship. During this conference Mr. Chait talks about additive manufacturing and explains how 3D printing works. EoPlex comes with a platform that represents many advantages to the use of voxels and demonstrates the many possibilities that can be created with it.




Arthur L. Chait is president of Antigua Forum 2016; he is the founder and past chairman and CEO of EoPlex…


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