How to Become a Better Teacher:
Protocols for Deep Understanding

Estefanía Campos  | 27 de febrero de 2018  | Vistas: 241

Tina Brythe, researcher of Project Zero at Harvard University shares in this interview some interesting key points to develop deep understanding in students by making their learning and thinking visible. She also talks about a very intriguing question, how can we become better teachers?

There role of the teacher, Tina describes, is to facilitate the students coming to their own understanding of the subject. It is no longer to impose knowledge to students but to step back and help them develop their understanding. Later she talks about how to help students on this matter to prepare them for the future.

I don’t want students to master a lot of information. Any information they need, they can find it on Google (...) so my question is always what can I add that goes beyond the information given.”

Brythe has developed throughout her career several protocols to push students to engage actively with the topic being taught. About the main objective of them, she says:

Is to really make students the drivers of their own learning. To make them the protagonists in their learning journey, not just to be the recipients.”

Finally don’t miss her two final advices on how to become better teachers, in which is fundamental to understand that teachers are learners too.

Did you know Tina facilitated a workshop for faculty members of UFM? Get inspired by their experience!


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