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    Initial credits
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    Do you think that your works and ideas manage the concept of history of the future? Is this concept still used in architecture?
  • 03:15    |    
    Is the organic language in your projects used to have an integration with nature? Is it a kind of metaphor?
  • 07:07    |    
    Why don't the star-system architectures practice the sustainable design, especially in an age where sustainability and ecology isn so important?
  • 11:35.5    |    
    Do you think there is a risk in contemporary architecture regarding the biomimetics study?
  • 14:35    |    
    How can an architect design ecologically and economically without depending on the art technology? Does this go beyond architecture?
  • 17:52    |    
    What is your opinion about grading architectural design under LEED standards?
  • 19:26    |    
    Final words
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    Final credits

Interview with Mitchell Joachim by Axel Paredes

New Media  | 18 de agosto de 2008  | Vistas: 1428

About this video

Mitchell Joachim is partner at Terreform 1, an organization dedicated to integrating ecological principles in the urban environment. In this interview, hosted by Axel Paredes, he expounds his ideas about sustainability and ecological innovation and describes the importance of connecting architecture with nature to create new technologies that will help mitigate the global ecological crisis.


Interview with Mitchell Joachim by Axel Paredes
Mitchell Joachim

Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, August 18, 2008

Digitization made by New Media - UFM. Guatemala, August 2008
Camera: Manuel Alvarez, Joni Vasquez; digital editing: Alexander Arauz; index: Pablo Perdomo; content revisers: Daphne Ortiz, Rebeca Zuñiga, Jennifer Keller; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz


Mitchell Joachim is partner at Terreform 1, an organization that integrates…