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The Source and Nature of Rights (Part I)

26 de octubre de 2009   | Vistas: 120 |  

About this video

In this first video of a four-part seminar, Craig Biddle surveys common theories of rights—from God-given rights to man-made rights to so-called “natural” rights—and shows that each fails to ground rights in perceptual reality. Biddle then demonstrates that because rights are moral principles—principles regarding how people should be free to act—the task of grounding rights in reality includes that of grounding morality in reality and thus bridging the so-called “is-ought” gap.


The Source and Nature of Rights (Part I)
Common Theories of Rights and Why They Fall, Toward a Viable Theory of Rights

Craig Biddle

Student Center, CE-200
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, October 26, 2009

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, November 2009
Camera: Joni Vasquez; digital editing: Mynor de León; index: Sergio Bustamante; synopsis: Craig Biddle; index reviser: Jennifer Keller; publication: Mario Pivaral/Carlos Petz

Craig Biddle writes and lectures on philosophical and political issues from an objectivist perspective, Objectivism, which is the philosophy created…


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