The Baltic Tiger: How Estonia Did It

14 de septiembre de 2006   | Vistas: 4759 |  

Mart Laar lectures on the transformation that Estonia went through due to its various reforms, which took place after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He offers a brief description of this country’s geographical location and explains that it is the cause this nation has been on the borders of two different civilizations: Western and Eastern cultures. He also shares a political history of how, because of its location, it has been a trading nation and how it became part of the Soviet Union as a result of World War II. He also makes a comparison between Estonia’s economic and social situation in 1992 and 2005. The improvements that this country has achieved are due to the monetary reform and the privatization that has taken place. Furthermore, Mart Laar illustrates Estonia’s success by mentioning the creation of Skype, which is a world renowned innovation created in this nation.


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