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Initial credits
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Liberal approach
Individual rights
Spontaneous order
Legal framework
03:39    |    
Ancient liberal thinkers and their ideas
Lao Tse
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Pope Innocent IV
Francisco de Vitoria
Bartolomé de las Casas
John Locke and The rule of Law
14:11    |    
Institutions understanding
16:25    |    
The Great Fact by Deirdre McCloskey
Value creation
Game theory
22:53    |    
Benefits of liberty
Economic freedom
Per capita income
Economic growth
Frederick Douglass
28:54    |    
Liberal movement
Individual freedom
Joaquim Aurelio Barreto Nabuco de Araújo 
Spreading liberty and its ideals
Leonard P. Liggio  
38:35    |    
Paths to freedom
Life project
Students for liberty
41:17    |    
Question and answer period
What is most important in society, rule of law or values?
Do we need to work in values or rules?
Comment on the liberty movement in Venezuela
What is the nature of human rights, is it as a source of technology or as a natural law?
Comment on the book  Why liberty: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future Tom Palmer
What is the relationship between social liberties and economic liberties?
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Final credits




The Path to Freedom

11 de octubre de 2014   | Vistas: 12 |  

Tom Palmer explains the ideas attached to liberal thinking and discusses the meaning of concepts such as freedom, economic freedom, equality and individual rights. He mentions how spontaneous order works, the relationship between institutions and the legal framework in which a group of individuals live and interact with each other by building social cooperation and value. He explains the benefits that liberty can provide for the development of countries and its citizens. Also, Palmer brings up the historical path of liberal movement and the influence made by ancient philosophical and economic thinkers, from Lao Tse to John Locke, passing by Saint Thomas Aquinas, Pope Innocent IV and Bartolomé de las Casas. At the end, he thanks the labor Students for Liberty has been doing around the world, and remarks the role of youth in the solution process of today's social problems.

Tom Palmer is vicepresident for International Programs at the Atlas Network and also a senior fellow at the Cato Institute…


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