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Initial credits
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Free Market Environmentalism (FME)
Neoclassical microeconomics
Law and Economics
Privatization of federal lands
Environmental property rights
Appropriate oil drilling in Alaska
Public Choice
Austrian economic principles
12:52    |    
Similarities between Economics and Ecology
Consequences of changing the environment
Definition of a healthy environment
Environmental prejudice
18:26    |    
Factors of economic development
Rule of Law
Measures of trade and development
Income growth
22:01    |    
Environmental conservation in developed countries
Prevention of environmental damage
Internalization of environmental costs
Environmental quality protection
26:49    |    
Environmental conservation in developing countries
Phase 1: Rise in pollutants
Phase 2: Decrease in pollutants
27:36    |    
Anomaly on environmental quality
Public health
Main killer pollutants in developing countries
Low cost solutions
Environmental quality priorities
31:07    |    
Correlation between property rights and income on health measures
Clean water and property rights
Sanitation and property rights
Life expectancy and property rights
Influence of trade on environmental quality
Environmental quality as a superior good
Comparison between income and environmental quality
Lower costs as  an effect of trade
Positive price and income effect
"Lean, green, policy machine"
44:33    |    
Economic principles on environmental protection
45:30    |    
Superfund programs
Environmental Protection Agency orders cleanup
Superfund system failure
Superfund sites
Superfunds vs. Environmental Policies
50:58    |    
How can information asymmetries between developing and developed nations in Free Trade and the measure of GNP affect environmental comparisons? 
How does income growth lead to a better environmental quality?
Why will the Kyoto Protocol have more costs than benefits?
Kyoto Protocol Analysis
Personal posture
Are education and environmental awareness important factors to improve environmental quality?
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Final credits




Trade, Development and the Environment

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