Romeo López Aldana

Cinematographer and student, School of Film and Visual Arts

Romeo López Aldana is a Guatemalan cinematographer, director and producer. He is a filmmaking and Entrepreneurship student at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Professionally, he has shot and crewed on several short and feature films, as well as on music videos, documentaries and comercial projects in Guatemala, United States, Costa Rica and Norway, amongst others. Romeo has worked for internationally renowned directors like Justin Lerner, Jayro Bustamante, Kenneth Muller and Chris Kummerfledt Quiroa.


Más vídeos de Romeo López Aldana

Cinema UFM: Let There Be Light
Romeo López Aldana, Benjamin Gaskell, Fabriccio Díaz

15 de noviembre de 2018

Entrepreneurial Artist: Opportunities in the Photographic Industry
Carmen Maldonado, Benjamin Gaskell, Emily Gularte, Romeo López Aldana

26 de septiembre de 2016