Entrepreneurial Artist: Opportunities in the Photographic Industry

New Media  | 26 de septiembre de 2016  | Vistas: 1450

Entrepreneurial Artist is an event where great personalities of the film industry and the students of the School of Film and Visual Arts get together to discuss different topics regarding cinema, production, entrepreneurship and art.

In this edition of the event, Romeo López, student, and director of photography, Carmen Maldonado, founder of Area Studios and Benjamin Gaskell, director of photography share their experience working in the photographic industry, the challenges they have encountered and the projects they’ve been involved.

Later they answer the public’s questions and give advice about the creative process of artists, the importance of references when you want to create a product and other interesting topics. Carmen Maldonado, about the exercise of the cinematographic profession, says:

It’s going to become a problem-solving situation, because at the end I think that all visual artists solve a problem.”

Being an entrepreneur in the cinema and photographic industry in a country like Guatemala challenges artists to create their own opportunities towards pursuing their dreams in a context where this industry is not so developed yet.

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Directora, productora y guionista guatemalteca

Cinematographer and alumni, School of Film and Visual Arts


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