Cinema UFM: Let There Be Light

Aletse López  | 15 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 46

Cine Cine documental Cinema UFM Cinematografía

Students and Benjamin Gaskell, professor of Cinematographic Lighting Design of the School of Film and Visual Arts at UFM, shared their experiences as cinematographers in different projects they had the opportunity to participate and advices on the craft of cinematography: how to prepare, communicate and light a scene to tell a story.

Fabriccio Díaz is a film school student who was the director of photography (DP) of the short film On the Edge, a guatemalan and salvadoran production. Romeo López Aldana, also a student, was the director and the DP of his short tesis film Tinieblas, which is his favorite work so far. Lastly, Benjamin Gaskell, was the DP of the short film Gringa.

When you’re really connected with the story, and tuned in with what you have available to you, it’s just kind of instinct at that point to make the right call”. - Benjamin Gaskell

The cinematographers share the mistakes they have made when shooting a film, like not trusting their instincts, lack of preparation, overthinking and letting the frame of the shot be more important than the story.

When I prepare myself better, and know the tools better, I know my work will improve.” -Romeo López Aldana

Some figures that inspire them are Bradford Young, Roger Dickens, Jaime Reynoso, Rodrigo Prieto, Emmanuel Lubezki and of course, Rembrandt paintings. They also talk about their own style as cinematographers and how they transmit their vision to the rest of the crew.

Check out this video to learn about movies, light and cinematography.

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Cinematographer and alumni, School of Film and Visual Arts


Cinematographer and student, School of Film and Visual Arts