Artista Emprendedor: What to Do with an Artistic Career?

Yasmin Valdez  | 16 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 53

Art Artista Emprendedor Creativity Escuela de Cine y Artes Visuales

Artistic projects, creative work, and process are some of the themes discussed by Stephane Magloire during this conference. He exposes his journey to getting where he is now, and some of his adventures, such as being part of the Yeezus tour with Kanye West.

He starts by describing his first test of singing on stage, moment where he battled his fears of being an artist. Magloire reveals how was his initiation experience at school where he got to explore his artistic talents by singing, acting, dancing jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, and other styles.

You should always want to go on stage and present your best self.”

Stephane explains how traveling through 13 countries got him to discover the importance of art in his life, his abilities, culture, skin color, and in a way, it brought new perspectives of creativity. He comments on his process of becoming a screenwriter and the lessons, as well as the challenges of being a filmmaker.

The best way of understanding myself as an artist was asking other artists the questions I was asking myself.”

Magloire sums up his years in New York and highlights the importance of having an artistic community. He states how he had the opportunity to participate in Glee as a creative developer, and in the television program, American Horror Story as part of the writing team. Stephane acknowledges his decision to move to L.A. and then to Europe, where he met the person who got him to work with Kanye West. Thereupon he tells his adventure of collaborating and creating a music concept for the musician.

There is no such thing as luck; luck is opportunity meets preparation”.

He presents the origin of his company Spaceghost Productions and the way he uses storytelling in different disciplines. The artist shares his opinion of being a teacher in Guatemala, for the film students at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín; he concludes giving recommendations to find an artistic voice and answers questions from the audience.

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