Cinema UFM: The Automatic Hate A film by Justin Lerner

Estefanía Campos  | 23 de octubre de 2019  | Vistas: 55

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Justin Lerner, director of The Automatic Hate (2015), an american drama-dark comedy that he wrote with Katharine O'Brien, converses with Amanda Carrera on the creation of this film.

Lerner shares the personal events in his life that motivated him to develop this story along with his best friend, the feeling he had at the moment and how he went further to investigate his real family problems to keep shaping the film. Inspired by archetypes from greek tragedy, he tried to put them into a normal present day setting in The Automatic Hate.

It’s based very close to something that happened to me in my life, that I took and mutated into something fictional about halfway through”.

A personal story doesn’t necessarily mean autobiographical, explains Justin, however it is impossible to create something if you don’t feel connected with an idea, put yourself into the shoes of the character and care deeply about. Later Justin discusses the subjects that interest him in filmmaking and the feelings he likes to provoke.

I’m really interested in a morality that is shifting in characters”.

Discover new ideas on how to create your own stories and convert them into a film.

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