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International Co-productions with Michael Baser and Robert Woolsey

Estefanía Campos  | 31 de octubre de 2019  | Vistas: 52

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Michael Baser and Robert Woolsey, faculty members from Vancouver Film School, and writers and directors themselves, visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín to talk about the international co-productions they have developed along with students from all over the world.

In this conversation with Fernando Franco, they share details on the process of how students write and produce films in the program, the challenges they have faced in building this learning experience and the objectives they pursue.

What we are trying to focus on is, how is this a stepping stone film in your career?, how is that film gonna go out to film festivals and get you into a conversation to maybe make your next project…” - Robert Woolsey

Baser and Woolsey also discuss the relationship between filmmaking and entrepreneurship. The fundraising and production logistics needed to do a film, is itself an entrepreneurial experience, Woolsey explains. It is not about the equipment and the resources, because nowadays there are more options available than ever to create audiovisuals.

Filmmaking is entrepreneurial in the sense that it springs from an idea” - Michael Baser

Robert talks about the existing opportunities in film festivals and the industry that’s constantly searching for new voices and stories. Also to embrace your culture and tell stories only you can tell about your country and context. Baser describes in his opinion what students can do to collaborate in the international industry.

Go to another country and make relationships, it is a really social business, the bigger you can make you network, the better”. - Michael Baser

Inés Starry, Emily Gularte and Carlos Luxo, alumni from UFM’s School of Film and Visual Arts had the experience to be part of the VFS program, where they produced the short film  Loading Dock. Inés, director of the short, joins the conversation to share her experience and details about her work.

It was that push I needed to believe that I can do more stuff than I let myself actually do, also seeing how people work in different parts of the world and seeing what we have in common, it’s inspiring”. - Inés Starry

Watch the video to get great advice from professionals on how to make it in the film industry of your country.



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