Cine UFM Live: The Screenwriter’s Role on Film and TV

Nataly Basterrechea  | 20 de mayo de 2020  | Vistas: 57

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Laura Davis, an L.A. based scriptwriter, shared her view on the challenges and rising opportunities to innovate processes in the film industry, habits to be creative, the value of ideas, and the difference between working for TV as well as film.

Davis emphasized that writing despite being a creative task requires a lot of design and discipline. Screenwriting is a psychological challenge that takes a lot of work. When asked about her creative habits she answered: “There is no one way”, Laura has her own methods but she encourages people to find their own to get the results that they aspire.

Laura shares the advice she would have liked to receive when she was starting in this profession: not all ideas are worth pursuing because not all of them are universal, but if what is being created by the writer is personal then it can connect with others.

If I am really able to listen to that internal creative voice and I am being truthful with myself, then I have a sense of what I really wanna see on a pure level and on that sense is quite universal and is going to speak to other people too. But you have to be really listening and know what you are trying to say or ask.” — Laura Davis

Davis mentioned that she is currently working for a TV series, she discussed the difference of being a screenwriter for a movie and television, the dynamics of peer review, and how things have changed during the quarantine for the film industry. For her, there is no certain answer as to what will happen after the lockdown is over, but the format of stories will change in order for small crews to be able to work, at least for a while.

Problems are always opportunities for innovation. Most innovation happens when we are against the wall (...) What are the positive changes we are going to make?.” — Laura Davis

With the pandemic, the process and methods that were established in the audiovisual industry will be modified in order to adapt to the current situation. Davis concluded that no one has definite and cut-clear answers to what will happen, but the changes that are rising are not necessarily negative to improve the work.


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