• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 03:51    |    
    Theoretical duds
  • Creative thinking
  • 05:53    |    
    Right brain creativity theory
    • Side effects of the right brain theory
    • Mistaken localization of creativity in the brain
    • Divergent thinking
    • Creativity during convergent thinking
  • 10:36    |    
    Other ideas about creativity research
    • State of defocused attention
    • Lateral thinking
    • Association of creativity with states of consciousness
    • Linkage of creative genius to mental disorders
    • Problems of the theories above
  • 14:16    |    
    Collation of results based on different researches
    • Evidence of creativity
    • Paper breakdown of data problems
    • Divergent thinking
    • Artistic creativity
    • Insight creativity
  • 21:35    |    
    What happens in the brain when creativity occurs
    • Features of creativity
    • Usefulness and novelty
    • Tasks of prefrontal cortex
  • 26:01    |    
    Two ways creativity happens
    • Spontaneous creativity
    • Deliberate mode
    • Difference between spontaneous creativity and deliberate mode
    • Speed of deliberate mode
    • Spontaneous way to find solutions
  • 29:58    |    
    Four different types of creativity
    • Deliberate mode
    • Cognitive content
    • Spontaneous mode
    • Emotional content
  • 35:02    |    
  • 38:16    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Is there a creative peak according to age?
    • Is motivation an stimulus for creative thinking and, can an altered state of mind be the source of a creative process?
    • In order to be creative, do you think that knowledge is important?
    • How fantasy and creativity are related?
    • What is the relation between meditation and creativity?
    • Is there a way to measure the amount of creativity?
  • 51:47    |    
    Final credits

Trying to Nail Jelly to the Wall: Where in the Brain is Creativity?

New Media  | 16 de noviembre de 2012  | Vistas: 236

Arne Dietrich talks about creativity and where it is found in the brain. He comments on the mistaken theory that it is housed in the right hemisphere of the brain and also the wrong beliefs that it is associated with a state of defocused attention or mental disorder. Dietrich explains the four types creativity can arise in our brain: deliberate, spontaneous, cognitive and emotional modes; and finally answers questions related to the age of people to be creative, and its relation to fantasy, meditation, and knowledge.


Arne Dietrich is professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology…


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