Bingsheng Chen: Teaching Philosophy and Ethics to Film School Students

Aletse López  | 03 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 39

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Bingsheng Chen, visiting professor at UFM, shares with Javier Parellada in this video his experience at UFM as a professor in various courses at the Film School of Arts and Visual Media, Michael Polanyi College and at the Business School.

Chen uses the methodology of socratic seminars and reads books from Plato all the way to Nietzsche, Confucius, and Kant and complements with movies to start an interesting discussion about philosophy and ethics.

University Francisco Marroquín is a very beautiful campus, and I found people are very dedicated to their work and that’s what attracts me here”.

In a traditional film school, he says, they study only film related subjects. At UFM, the film students take a interdisciplinary approach that allows them to look films differently. He thinks it adds more diversity and more depth to their own films.

For UFM, by having a film school, it provides an opportunity to those students to want have access to that kind of education. But also, by having a film school in Guatemala, it helps the country to represents itself better  to the world”.

Finally, Chen shares his takeaways of visiting Guatemala and the experience of teaching philosophy to film school students.

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MA in Liberal Arts and visiting professor