Justin Lerner: Let’s Make More Films in Latin America

Estefanía Campos  | 28 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 213

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Justin Lerner, writer, director and professor of the School of Film and Visual Arts at UFM, shares in this interview with Javier Parellada, his background in filmmaking.

Lerner talks about his desire to write fiction since he was young and how that led him to have interest in theater, photography, music and other visual arts. In this journey of discovery he realized that he could reach a broader audience and put in practice all of his interests by doing film. Later comments about the support received from his parents to study film, the opportunities he has had professionally and his discoveries.

It is difficult, it is not the easiest profession; there’s an asset path that I’ve seen, that the more focused you are and the more room you give yourself to fail and just get back up and keep trying, the more successful you will be”.

The path followed by independent filmmakers is another subject discussed by Justin, who describes the steps that he has had to promote his work. Then Javier asks him if he was aiming for universality when writing his stories.

I try not to make a film with an audience in mind, because ultimately if you do a good job in telling it, it can resonate with anyone who is paying attention”.

To finish, Lerner conveys on what he expects for his students at UFM’s School of FIlm and Visual Arts as future professionals. He says he hopes they continue to watch film because that will enrich the work they develop.

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