Yulia Marushevska

Anti-corruption advocate and civil servant

Yulia Marushevska is a supporter of the Ukrainian anti-corruption and civil servant, who was unanimously presented in a short, but impacting, video, titled “I am Ukrainian” in which she explain the reasons that determined the protests of the Euromaidán. Since the video was posted on Youtube in February 2014, it has been seen for more than eight million people, and Marushevska has appeared in more than seventy communication media and more than thirty-five countries. In 2015 she joined the regional government team in Odessa and became head of customs in that region, after receiving the corresponding training at the universities of Harvard and Stanford. In November of 2015 she resigned, because she felt that the Groysman government made it impossible to carry out customs reforms.

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Yulia Marushevska: How to Fight Corruption with Small Actions
Yulia Marushevska

01 de agosto de 2017


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