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Pamela Godoy: Life is Like a Wheel

Sophia Rossell  | 08 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 26

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Pamela Godoy, innovation coordinator at Grupo Progreso, compares her story with the novel Tuck Everlasting. She explains that she is the kind of person who plans everything in her life. When she was young she had her life planned out for her upcoming years and she believed that it is important to have a plan because it would give you direction but also is important to let go of the illusion of control. 

Sometimes opportunities open up ahead of us even without planning them.” – Pamela Godoy

She talks about the times in her life where her plan didn't go as she thought it would. She used to work at PNG, a large multinational consumer goods company as a sales representative that led a team of approximately 30 people and had a nice salary. She wanted to go to Africa as a volunteer so she decided to quit her job. She applied to a NGO and got rejected. She was left without a job and the volunteering program. After a few years, she decided that she wanted to do her masters abroad and get a scholarship. She got rejected many times so she started changing her mind on studying, until one day, an opportunity came and she accomplished her masters degree in engineering and innovation in Brazil. Pamela realizes that her plan didn’t fail, it simply went in a different direction but she reached her final goal. 

Pamela reminds us that the only constant in life is change and we have to embrace it to live by it. 


Innovation Coordinator at Grupo Progreso


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