A Conversation with Anthony de Jasay

01 de agosto de 2000   | Vistas: 16 |  

As part of The Intellectual Portrait Series, political philosopher and economist Anthony de Jasay converses with Dr. Hartmut Kliemt, as this presentation sets back to the fears and job-seeking obstacles that forced him to flee his country Hungary, and to the later years when he earned a degree in economics. His understanding of this science has allowed him to write several books regarding related topics, such as power, politics, government, and individuals, among others, while stating that economics teaches people to think and to have an alertness of mind.

De Jasay presents his view on social contracts, referring to it as the opium of the people, and explains how individuals fall into the trap of believing in the need and voluntary acceptance of the state's intervention to rule over them. The dialogue furthers on his accumulation of experiences and knowledge, as they discuss his academic works and his analysis on the idea of limited and minimal government, making evident his conviction in balance of power, spontaneous enforcement and free will.


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